Weekly Reading: July 16-22

Hello Monday?! Just like last week, I'm using the Spolia Tarot for the weekly reading! I'm switching things up this week for the reading, are you surprised? I'm using a method that I haven't used in a while, but love! My friend asked about it this morning and it inspired me to use it for the weekly reading. It's perfect for daily, weekly, or even monthly as well... or really anytime! I'll explain it a bit below!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

The Hierophant + Ace of Cups + Page of Coins

First off, I don't want to take credit for this method since I learned it a long time ago but have since forgotten where or who I learned it from. It's a really fun way to read the cards!

Starting with the whole deck, you can either separate out the Majors, Minors, and Courts and pull directly from those OR do a simple method of pulling from 3 shuffled stacks, this cuts out the work of separating your deck.

The left stack is for your Major Arcana pull, the middle stack is for the Minor Arcana pull, and the right stack is for the Court card pull. You simply pull a card until you get to the first Major, Minor, and Court.

Example: On the left stack, I kept pulling a card until I get to the first Major card. Then did that again with the middle stack to get to the Minor Arcana card, and the last stack to get the Court card. Hope that makes sense!

Major Arcana - is read as the theme of the week
Minor Arcana - is the action to take
Court - card is the attitude you need to adapt to

The theme this week is coming from The Hierophant and it's all about learning and sticking with the rules, as much as they may suck. Sometimes staying in the lane is what we need, it keeps us focus on what the end result is that we want. While we may not agree or like how something is said or taught, we can customize this later on once we learn it. Right now, it's about soaking up the information!

The Ace of Cups reminds me a lot of our mind this week, we are filling it with awareness and information that we gather from our teachers, our friends, and our family members. Anyone can be a teacher if they have information to share and someone willing to learn. You can gain a lot from others, especially when you just simply listen! It may be something you have heard many times before but perhaps it's the way they explain it that makes it resonate with you better. This is also a good reminder to find teachers that resonate with you, not all teachers are for everyone and that's ok. Fill your cup this week with things that can help you in your life and current path!

The Page of Coins is a perfect mindset to tap into when working with the Hierophant! I always see the Page of Coins as a student, eager to learn and anxious to make progress towards their goals. They are willing to do the work and expand their knowledge. Be the Page of Coins this week when you are wanting to attain more information, learn something new, or work on fine tuning a skill. Be open to everything that can be used as a learning tool with trying new things and don't be put off if something doesn't work out how you wanted - there is a lesson to be learned when we make mistakes! One is always to not do it again so figure out what went wrong and avoid doing that the second time around.

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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