Weekly Reading: August 6-12

Last week I took a small break from the weekly readings. I was pretty distracted and by the time I realized I forgot to post it, we were already well into Wednesday, oop's! It's back this week though and I'm trying out a new deck that I just got yesterday, it's the Dark Days Tarot by Wren McMurdo. I received this deck in a trade along with one other deck, the adorable Marshmallow Marseille. I plan to do a deck review of Dark Days Tarot and the other deck soon!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
On the 11th we have a New Moon in Leo. I always get excited when the moon goes dark, it's one of my favorite phases to work with.

Ace of Swords

Your mind sees the potential before the words can even escape your lips. If you're feeling this sudden flash of inspiration, grab it by the roots and take hold! It may help to collect all your idea's and thoughts into one big pile so that you can put things in better order. Anything that makes it easier to understand, especially with Mercury in RX, things have the tendency to get a bit muddy around this time. This also gives you a chance to see what needs more attention or what may be in a more mature state of mind.

I love how on this card there's a hand gathering all the layers of this mountain and forming it into a sword handle. The mountain layers remind me of layers of our subconscious, ones that need to be consciously sorted and put into an order than makes more sense. You're in control with what you do, it's your sword to use.

Wheel of Fortune

When the wheel is spinning, it's time to ask yourself, "do I feel lucky"? Are you ready to take a chance and see what happens? Or, are you going to play it safe and wait this cycle out? The Wheel of Fortune is asking you to take a leap this week and strike while the iron's hot! To me, this card is all about deciding what cycle you thrive in best so that your chances are higher and you end up on top... because that's obviously the most favored outcome, right? When working with fresh inspiration and the sharp clarity from the Ace of Swords, this may be your time to really send some of these idea's you have out into the world and test the waters to see what could possibly happen. It's like throwing the dice and trusting that the numbers are in your favor, sometime you win big... sometimes you lose it all. It really comes down to this, is it worth the opportunity?

With the New Moon coming up later this week, it may be wise to hold off on anything fresh until then! After all, we're working with Ace energy and what better phase to work with than the New Moon!

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What do you see in the cards this week?
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