Weekly Forecast: Aug 27-Sept 2

I missed the weekly reading last week due to being swamped with some side projects, sorry folx! It's back this week and I'm using a new deck that I will be reviewing in a few days, it's the Numinous Tarot by Noel Arthur Heimpel... I'm in love!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays
Full Moon in Pisces - Today we are looking at a full moon in Pisces! This moon relates to release in your spiritual path, high emotions, and trusting your intuition.

The Lovers + 5 of Tomes + 4 of Feathers

I'm getting a big giant sign that reads "take care of yourself" in flashing neon lettering! Our theme this week is coming from the 4 of Feathers (4 of Swords) and it's all about retreat and rest so that you can tackle your projects more efficiently. It's hard to put out your best work when you are exhausted and mentally clocked out, take care of your headspace and give it some extra care this week.

Be mindful in how you are spending your time and energy, these are indeed resources that are often looked over. The Lovers is popping up as potential energy this week and this says that we need to be there for others in our community, social circles, and families - this includes yourself! Showing up for yourself is a big one, I mean, how can we help and be there for others if we don't help ourselves. Right? It's like feeding others when you have no food at home for yourself, you need to include yourself in this group.

The 5 of Tomes (5 of Coins) asks that we be resourceful and use what we have on hand, or if absolutely needed, seek out to those who can provide for us. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it, this is also why it's good to keep positive bonds with those around us. We can't always take, take, take... we need to give sometimes as well. If you can though, really try to do this yourself if at possible. Use what you have on hand before having to restock, get creative and get crafty even! You may just surprise yourself at how capable you truly are. Whether this comes to meal planning for the week, supplies for a project, or even just carving out the extra time you need... if there's a will, there's always a way!

Overall, I get a strong sense of self care this week and surrounding yourself with those who support and love you. This reflects the Full Moon in Pisces very well I think! Do what you can and the rest will follow.

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