Weekly Reading: Mar 19 - 25

Happy Monday! Every Monday I'm sharing a reading for the week to see what energy is at play and how we can work with it, along with some extra added guidance at the end of the post. I hope you enjoy these weekly readings as much as I do! This week I'm pulling a cards from the Mystic Mondays Tarot and Visions: Crystal Oracle. Let's see what is brewing this week!

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Deck: Mystic Mondays

The 9 of Wands suggests that we may be on the protective side of things this week, this also goes for building up new boundaries or maintaining old ones. This will take a lot of energy from you so be sure to give yourself a break or two. You just can't expect to be "on" 24/7 and expect not to get tired. This card reminds us that it's ok to step away but be sure to lock up first. Don't let your down guard if you feel you're being threatened or let someone in that isn't welcome, push back if you need to but don't let things get out of hand. Just stand your ground and that is all that needs to be done.

After a long week, you can expect the 4 of Cups to show up and let you know that it's ok to sit this one out and take time for yourself. Use some "me time" to connect with your own emotional wellbeing. Like I mentioned earlier, if your working hard all week you'll most likely be energetically and emotional run dry. It's time to recharge! People or things may reach out to get your attention but don't worry about that right now, just focus on yourself, even if you feel you're being selfish, it's ok! These things or people can wait and will be there when you're ready, if not, onward and upward my friend.

This week is all about pushing forward and then taking a step back to contemplate your hard efforts and work. Use some time to re-examine what didn't work or what you feel you're putting too much effort into that isn't worth your energy. If you're feeling like you're stuck in the same routine, don't shy away from shaking things up! You want to be doing things that feed your soul, not slow you down or have you checking the clock every 10 minutes.


Extra Guidance

Ok, you can't do it all and you know it! You may have tried to do it all and even wanted to do it all, but let's face it, you just can't. There needs to be a balance of some kind going on here. Whether it's between your work and home life, hobbies and school life, or any mix in between - you need to sort things out and lighten up your load.

If you must do it all, then at least try to find some organization so that you can tackle each thing little by little without stressing out... or dropping all those tea cups and saucers you're balancing on your head. What? Not everyone walks around with dishes stacked on their head?! Fair. But, just like doing dishes, you load the washer one dish at a time... this is how you should tackle on your every growing to-do list, one thing at a time.

Whatever you decide to do this week, just be mindful and keep things in balance and everything else will fall into place!

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What do you have going on this week? Let me know in the comments!