Week Ahead Reading for Feb 11 - 17

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Look at what’s back, the weekly reading!! I’m totally feeling my groove once again and happy to be blogging more. I really hope I can keep the momentum, blogging brings me a lot of joy and now that I have my “own” laptop again I’m able to write more… my daughter kind of hoarded my MacBook, a lot! It was also fairly old and had keyboard issues, so I finally got a new laptop and I gave her my old MacBook. So expect more blogging and hopefully more regularly!

The weekly reading is back after a very long break. I will aim to have these up on the blog every Sunday (time varies) so there is time to read the cards before the fresh week begins. This week I’m pulling cards from the Circo Tarot by Marisa de la Peña.


What to keep in mind this week

6 of Knives // It’s time to start thinking about your own mental wellbeing. Are you in a toxic environment? Are you hanging out with the wrong people? Is something in your life right now causing more stress than it’s worth? Seek some mental clarity, period. Know when to walk away and more importantly, know how to set boundaries. It’s all about moving yourself into a more calmer, positive space. It just may be time to step away and think about yourself this week.

We’re starting Monday with the Moon in Taurus, this could urge us to stay put and resist change, keep this in mind when you are starting to feel a bit stubborn on wanting to change things up even though you know you should. When we get comfortable with something, even if it’s bad for us, change can be hard. Exercise your own free will and put yourself first this week!

what needs to be done this week

Knight of Knives // Forward thinking and full speed ahead! This Knight is saying “I have an idea worth exploring!”. It may not be the greatest idea, but who cares, it’s yours and it’s valid. It’s all about getting things in motion this week and off paper or out of your head. The Knight of Swords is an eager one, they’ve already made their plans and are ready to see what happens, what do you have to lose? I always like to look at the warning that the Knight’s in general bring, they can be fairly reckless and sometimes they can feel too advanced for their own good. Know when to call it quits and know when to keep going.

The challenge this week

3 of Pentacles // If you are working with others this week, this card is for you! While the 3 of Pentacles is normally a card of working well together and collaboration… as a challenge, things may get a bit messy. It’s common for everyone to want to put in their own two cents, which is always great, but it can also turn sour quick quickly. Use the 6 of Swords here for some advice on handling these challenging situations that pop up… if you can, get the F out of there and find a new partner or group to work with. There’s no reason you have to deal with that kind of drama. If you’re are stuck and have to face the music, just do the best you can. Pull your own weight and make sure your idea’s get heard and seen! Understand that you’re doing your best with the cards you were dealt. If you aren’t working with people or groups, this card could easily just point to your social circle or coworkers!