Week Ahead Reading (Sept 30 - Oct 6)

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Hello, New Week! October is pretty much here, yay! We just had a gorgeous New Moon in Libra over the weekend and I started the next lesson in the Keeping Her Keys book. I hope everyone had a great weekend!

For this weeks reading I’m using one my older favorite, which is still a current favorite, the Spolia Tarot.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

TLDR: Don’t hold back your creativity and courageous desire be dictated by past patterns or old habits. Break out free from this rut by keeping yourself inspired!

We’re greeted with the Queen of Wands this week! Whenever I see a court card show up in these readings (or any type of reading actually), I instantly get reminded of the movie called The Cobbler with Adam Sandler. He’s a shoe maker that uses an enchanted old sewing machine to repair shoes. When he puts on his customers shoes after using the machine on them, he slips into their lives. It’s a neat movie and story line, so when I see a court I’m immediately reminded to slip into their shoes for the day, or week in this case.

When we slip on the shoes of the Queen of Wands we’re greeted with a rush of desire, passion and creativity. We’re invited to be a Queen this week as we move about the next 7-days. Allow inspiration to lift you off your feet and don’t forget to use it!

The problem I personally face over and over again when I’m extremely inspired are mental blocks, my own self sabotaging thoughts come rushing in and hold me in place. The 8 of Swords is indeed this feeling of being trapped in a cage when all you want to do is spread your wings and create or get things done. If we pay close attention and recognize these patterns and signs as they appear, we can hit them out of the park with a wooden bat! Finding ways to keep your mind busy is key!

Since the Devil is creeping into our week, this further enhances the energy coming from the 8 of Swords! I often think of the phrase “I see you habit energy” quite often when I feel a bad habit creeping back in or a lure to do something that I’ve been trying to avoid. I even have this phrase inscribed on a metal bracelet cuff that I wore when I was a runner, this helped me stay focused on not quitting. Stating out loud that you see a pattern coming back up can somehow gives you a hell of a lot more power over the situation. It shows that you’re in charge and sometimes just stating it out loud can do wonders! So don’t fall trap this week to past patterns that keeps you in your place when all you want to do is express yourself freely, create art or even just get some shit done!

The Spolia Tarot was created by Jessa Crispin and Jen May, you can find more info on this deck here.