Week Ahead // April 8 - 14

Happy Sunday, Folx! Look what’s back?! I have been super busy and let a lot of things slide, including my blog. In case you are out of the loop on what I’ve been up to… I created a lenormand deck! The deck is called The Monster Lenormand and I just got my first sample copy in the mail last week. I may have mentioned this deck previously on the blog but I can’t remember, haha! More info is coming soon on the pre-order of this deck.

Deck used: Dark Mansion Tarot


Knight of Swords + 10 of Cups

The Knight of Swords strives to be heard and understood. If you need some time off, speak up. If you have an idea, let them hear it. If you think of a better solution, explain it. No one knows unless you tell them, it’s good to speak up once in awhile and get things off your chest and out of your mind. The Knights, for me, always carry a little warning when they come to town. This Knight is a reminder to be rational when voicing up or stating your opinion. If you want others to take you seriously, it’s wise that you approach things with a calm and collected mentality. It’s easy to dismiss people when they’re shouting and flailing their arms about… not that you would do that, but you know what I mean.

The 10 of Cups is a reminder to enjoy the good while it’s good, these moments won’t last forever. They’re like little Polaroid snapshots in our day but we are so quick to speed right on by them. Why are we always in such a rush? When we stop to take inventory of what’s going on around us, we’ll see that we’re missing out on a lot. There are things we don’t notice on a daily basis and it’s mostly because we think we need to do this and need to show up for everyone else… when what we really need to do is show up for ourselves and the moment we’re in. We tend to put so much more emphases and attention on things that are going bad, when all around us are moments of pure bliss, even if they only last 5 minutes. Which is a better reason to pay attention, nothing lasts forever!

This week, slow things down a bit, speak up if you need to and enjoy the little things in our day as they show up.

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