Week Ahead // April 15 - 21

Happy Sunday, Folx! A new week is upon us, are you ready? I am! I have to take a moment and thank everyone for the awesome feedback on my Dark Mansion Tarot study post, more specifically the Fool post that I talked about the other day! I’m so glad you folx liked it, I will have the Magician up this week with my thoughts! It may be slow, but I’m thinking a “card a week” will be something I aim for with that study.

Deck used: Compendium of Constellations + Cosmos Tarot and Oracle


Pyxis “guide” + taurus “The Hierophant”

Be your own guide this week! Stick with what you know and with what you are comfortable in. Seek solace to traditions that have served you well and ones that you know you can count on, the ones that work for you and only you! It’s easy to look over your shoulder and see what others are doing and how fast they may seem to move. Keep in mind that we all go at our own pace, do what is comfortable for you. Try not to fall trap to the whole “the grass is greener” thought process, it won’t do you any good when you embrace that mentality. Trust me!

Whether you are focused with work this week, relationships or just day to day things, remember to take your time and don’t feel the need to take shortcuts. Listen to your instincts and let that guide you as you go along. If something doesn’t feel right, stop and take notice. Taurus in general is very slow and steady for good reason, they are very dedicated! However, it can be a very stubborn sign as well! You can only keep redoing something for so long, if it’s not working… move on or take a break, you can always come back to it. If you have goals on your mind, use those also as your guide and determination this week!

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