Spread + Weekly Reading for Oct 7-13

It’s October break for my kiddo, so I have a lot of time this week to write and focus on getting some sewing done. This will hopefully mean a shop update will happen sometime this week, finally! I’m trying out a new spread for my weekly reading this week, it’s kind of a mash up of other weekly spreads, but just more focused on what I want to look at most. I’m also switching the focus to these being more personal for me, but if you resonate with this reading as well, that’s awesome!! Please let me know in the comments what hit the spot for you, I’d love to hear!

Lately I’ve been loving the Fox Universe Tarot + This Might Hurt Tarot paired up, so I’m using both in this reading! There’s a spread illustration at the bottom of this post - feel free to share!

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Self-Care Focus

Deck: Mystic Mondays


I so badly wanted to shuffle this card back in the deck since I didn’t think it involved me, whatsoever… but really, I do indeed feel a big sense of shame and regret for just simply being myself on most days. I’m constantly trying to push myself back into a box and fill my head with nonsense, and I really need to change this language with myself. I should not feel any shame or self-hate for simply being myself, plain and simple.

Overall Energy


I rarely pull the Hierophant for myself in readings, so it’s always interesting to see when it does show up. I’m the student this week! The Hierophant is here to notion me to stay focused on a path of learning and stick to the rules… for the record, I hate rules. I can change or break them later, but this week I need to stay focused with a more structured curve. I’m for sure one to do my own thing and go off the beaten path, but lately I have indeed been craving some structure - especially when it comes to my own personal path. This should be an interesting energy this week!

This could also be saying that I shouldn’t hack my Tamagotchi this week and play by the rules, haha!



The Chariot is usually my go-to card when I need to push myself! It looks like it’s here this week to do just that! The Chariot is that friend whose always looking out for you and knows what’s best for you when you don’t, so it pushes you to step out of your comfort zone… even when you don’t want to do the things that you know you should be doing. So ya, the Chariot’s here this week to remind me to keep pushing myself a little bit further each time I feel resistance and know deep down that I got this! Don’t let intimidation be the reason I hold myself back.

Last week’s unfinished business


I so wish I knew what I did last week or how I was thinking, it’s all a total blank to me if I’m being honest. So when I pulled the 9 of Swords in this reading, I decided to pull a card from my oracle to give me a little insight as to what this was all about - Time Management, bingo! I’m horrible with managing my time and doing things more efficiently, it always ends with me freaking out and scrambling last minute. This week I’m being told to really stick with a better plan and get my shit together to save me the headache that I caused last week… and the week before, and so on! This is actually a perfect week to do just that since my daughter’s off school all week, so getting my planner prepped and creating a better aligned routine is key if I want to free up any unnecessary stress!