New Moon in Virgo

Hello, New Moon in Virgo! Are you ready for a new cycle? This new moon brings the chance to identify aspects in our life that need to be cleaned up and tidy. Creating some new healthy habits can be beneficial! This makes me think that this moon will really be pushing my perfectionist buttons, so try not to get too carried away if your like me!

I'm using the Numinous Tarot for the New Moon tarotscopes, you can check out my review of this deck here.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIESDreamer of Vials
This is full on dreamer energy! This card is asking that you tap into your imagination and allow it to guide you right now. Just because others may not feel how you feel, doesn't make it any less valid.

TAURUS - Creator of Vials
It's time to really listen deeply to your intuition and trust it! Try to connect with others through emotion and compassion. Also, don't pull back from expressing how you feel!

Change can happen slowly and be very subtle, but know that the wait is always worth it. Enjoy the process and learn everything you can right now as you slip into some fresh beginnings.

CANCERDreamer of Bells
There are people out there who will benefit from what you have to say, so don't hush your thoughts and words, let them out! Your voice matters!

LEO5 of Tomes
The 5 of Tomes is asking you to tap into your resources right now. If you're feeling things are indeed pretty sparse or tight, it might be time to look in other area's of your life that can be useful. Just know that this will indeed pass.

VIRGO - The Chariot
Keep moving, keep pushing forward, you can rest when you get there! Enjoy this magical ride right now and know that any blocks you come across can be pushed through if you just stay focused.

LIBRAThe World
Perhaps you have come full circle, now what? It's time to really assess what you want to do next. Either expand on what you just finished or maybe it's time to try something different. The New Moon offers a fresh new cycle to grasp!

SCORPIOTwo of Tomes
It's time to prioritize and keep things a little more in order so that you know what needs to be done first. This is a perfect time to clean up your planner so you can put your priorities in better order.

If you're feeling trapped and everything around you feels so damn loud, you can indeed pick yourself up and leave the room. You are in control of your own thoughts and decisions, remember that. This is a perfect time to release any thought patterns that try to hold you in one place.

This card is asking that you focus on things of the past that make you feel really good when you are feeling out of sorts. It's important to remember why you are doing what you are doing and for whom, if not for yourself.

AQUARIUS - 7 of Vials
It can be difficult to make a decision when your heart is tied to so many things. Focus on what is real and practical right now, what you need the most at the moment. If you truly want something else when you're done, you'll know where to find it.

PISCESDreamer of Tomes
What are you interested in right now? What's catching your attention? This is a perfect time to learn something new and research! Whatever it is, look for the resources you need and dive in! You never know where this may lead you.

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