New Moon in Pisces Tarotscopes

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Hello, New Moon in Pisces! I was back in the mood to share some tarotscopes for you all! I realized that when I work on New Moon & Full Moon tarotscopes, it helps me slow down and connect with the moon in my own practice. I’ve bee craving that a lot lately!

The New Moon in Pisces will arrive on Wednesday, March 6th at 9:04am (MST) and is a perfect time to set intentions around strengthening ones intuition, inner growth and creativity. Also, Mercury is going retrograde tomorrow, Tuesday March 5th, at 11:19am (MST) until the 28th this month, it’s our first out of three this year. Don’t forget to backup your files, double check your work before turning anything in and be clear in communication (write shit down and keep a paper trail if needed)!

Now, how about some tarotscopes? I’m using the Abano-Waite Tarot for these, I’m loving this gnarly deck right now a lot!

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIES // Ace of Cups
Be open and be willing to receive with a full heart and allow the rest to overfill into the hearts of others. This is a perfect moon to express new feelings and dive into the realms of your own emotions.

TAURUS // Knight of Cups
Step into this Knight’s shoes and allow your feelings to guide you forward right now. Trust that your passion will lead you in the right direction and be tender in the relationships that you hold dear.

GEMINI // Ace of Wands
Fellow Gemini, grab inspiration with an open mind! Take the some fresh steps in expressing what has been on your mind and get it onto paper… even if that means just taking notes and pinning to your Pinterest inspiration boards. Be open to whatever comes your way!

CANCER // Strength
You are stronger than you think you are and capable of moving mountains, but not with force. It’s time to make peace with whatever has been pulling at you and know that you are in control right now.

LEO // Queen of Cups
Intuition, use it! The Queen of Cups is deeply connected to her intuition and did not just wake up that way. It’s time to really put your focus in listening to your intuition right now. If something doesn’t feel right, take note!

VIRGO // The High Priestess
Just like the Queen of Cups, this is a card of deep intuition but I see it more as a time to get better connected with your higher self right now. It’s about inner growth and exploring your higher self. Is there an area in your life that needs more focus and attention? Listen up and go within.

LIBRA // The Lovers
With the moon in Pisces, it’s a perfect time to connect to yourself and do a little self care. I always tend to see the Lovers as more as a personal connection rather than a connection to others. It’s about putting yourself first right and making choices that are supportive to your needs.

SCORPIO // 5 of Cups
Cry if you need a good cry, even if you have nothing to be sad about. Just let things out and release! The 5 of Cups is asking that you be real with yourself and stop trying to bury any feelings that keep trying to come to the surface. Don’t hold them in, let them out!

SAGITTARIUS // Wheel of Fortune
The ball is in your court, it’s time to make a move. If you want to grow, you need to be willing to take some risks and take a spin of the wheel. If you have nothing to lose, what is stopping you?

CAPRICORN // The Emperor
Nothing says ambition like the Emperor. Put your foot down and demand nothing less than your worth. You know what you want, it’s time to go forward and grab it. The Emperor asks that you be stern and be direct in your approach.

AQUARIUS // 2 of Swords
With the New Moon and Mercury in Retrograde, it may be in your best interest to really hold off on decisions right now and not make a move on anything too quickly. Normally I see the 2 of Swords as a time to make a decision, but right now… let’s keep things on the burner and let them simmer a bit longer. You want to be 100% sure so that you don’t make the wrong move or agree to the wrong thing.

PISCES // Ace of Pentacles
If you are presented with an opportunity, take it! You don’t necessarily have to do anything with it right this second, but know that it is yours. I would sit on this gorgeous egg until we move into the waxing phase after the New Moon has passed (maybe hold off until the 9th or so). When the time is right, really start putting in some effort into this in order to bring some things into fruition.

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