New Moon in Pisces Oracle Reading

Hello, New Moon in Pisces! Can you feel this watery moon right now?! It's hitting me hard and I'm feeling all the feels. I'm sensing this moon is really clearing us out emotionally, it's allowing us to get it all out on the table and in the open for us to really see. Anytime emotions run high I turn to art and get that shit on paper! My go-to art therapy is collage, though I used to paint and draw often, collage is what really helps me express myself best and get the magic flowing. This is a perfect time to set intentions around intuition, creativity, and expressing your true feelings!

I pulled an oracle card using the Strange Lands Oracle for our moon message! I hope this mini reading resonates with you and helps you through this New Moon.

Deck : Strange Lands Oracle

Deck: Strange Lands Oracle


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I know "uncertain" very well! I'm as Gemini as you can get, indecision runs in my cosmic DNA. I'm always second-guessing myself and wondering "what if I made the wrong choice"...

The card Uncertain asks us to take the time to make sense of things and really ask ourselves why we struggle in this area so much. It's about digging to the roots and pulling them out into the open so that we can really examine what's going on here. With the New Moon in Pisces, this card resonates well. A mix of high emotions + uncertainty.... oh, dear! Emotional uncertainty will often leave you on the floor crying with a bottle of wine, but it doesn't have to be!

This is a great reminder to trust in your intuition and act, don't second-guess yourself for making the choice you did. There's a reason you made this choice, so trust that it was the right one at that time.

This reminds me lot of tarot! How many times have you pulled a card and end up wondering if you pulled the "right" one? You start to wonder if you truly meant to pull that card or if it was a mistake because you weren't focused enough... GUILTY! I've learned that I just have to trust that the card drawn was meant to be and whether or not I ignore the message, the message will show up in other cards. Trust is everything! I even second-guessed myself when I pulled this card that I'm talking about now, hah! After diving deeper into this card it proved to be exactly what I needed to hear and write about!

New Moon in Pisces mantra: "I trust my choices and I honor all mistakes"

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Any plans for this Moon? I'd love to hear, leave a comment!

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