Week Ahead Reading (Sept 2-8)

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New week… a day late! I’ve been really into doing weekly readings for myself and I thought I would share these on the blog instead of just in my journal. The prompt I use for them is called “Today’s Mission” but I like the idea of using this for the full week, rather than just for the day since I’m keen on pulling a single card daily instead of multiple cards. Enjoy!

This prompt was created by Tom Benjamin on Instagram
I’m using the Golden Rider Tarot

Deck: Mystic Mondays

** TLDR: Be kind to your emotional well-being this week and keep an eye on where you’re spending your time and energy. Are you giving too much?

It’s time to pour more life back into yourself, you have spent loads of time helping others… how about helping yourself this week? The King of Cups is inviting us to step into their shoes to get a sense of how you really feel about things. They are often so good at keeping their own emotions out of situations but every once in a while they need a release, too.

The 10 of Wands shows that we are carrying a lot of excess right now. We are putting out more energy than we have available and it all seems to root back to giving it out to others rather than saving some for yourself. Perhaps you keep saying “yes” because you are either afraid to say “no” or just don’t want to let anyone down. It’s ok, I do this all the time and in fact, I can count several instances right now in which I’m doing the exact same thing. I keep saying “sure, I can do that” and then the next thing I know, I’m looking at a laundry list of tasks to do for everyone else and no energy or time left for my own projects. That will most definitely lead to a burnout!

The 6 of Coins shows us where we are sending out our energy - to others. There’s nothing wrong with giving your energy out to others, it’s a good thing to put others before yourself…. but, we need to not be reckless about it and just give, give, give. You are worth your time and energy, so be sure you are getting something back as well. It’s like a transaction of when you order something online and it comes with an extra gift. You are still giving but you are also getting something in return as well.

Check in with yourself this week to inspect your well-being and be sure you are not giving out more than you have available.