Hello, September + Tarotscopes

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Hello, September! This year is flying right on by it seems! I’ve been doing a lot of trial and error this year, a lot of learning and growing. Some things worked well, while some others didn’t go as well as planned. Yesterday morning I shut down my Patreon page, and as much as I loved that platform to share more and connect with others… I just couldn’t keep the energy up on my end. The one big thing that has gone really well is the Indie Deck Review, we are growing and expanding and it’s awesome! I have decided to pour more energy back into my own blog and our IDR team.

I would love to bring some of my Patreon content to the blog, like the monthly Tarotscopes - they will (hopefully) go up around the 1st of each month rather than on each New Moon and Full Moon like before. Pacing myself has always been my biggest struggle, I’m an all-in or all-out type of person. I would like to bring my deck creation content to the blog as well, I’ve been illustrating and creating several new decks - the Adventure Arcana and Monster Arcana are two tarot decks in the works currently, as well as a recolor of my Monster Lenormand and a new oracle called the Pink Ghost Oracle.

Ok, how about some tarotscopes?! I’m using a brand new deck that just arrived on Friday, the Joe Sparrow Tarot, and I’m obsessed with this deck already! I’ll be sharing this deck soon with my personal thoughts of it, along with a deck interview reading.

DECKS: Moon Oracle + Spirit Speak

ARIES // The Emperor
Oh what a perfect card for this bold and fearless sign! The Emperor asks that you try your best to remain as stable as possible this month, keep your feet rooted firmly on the ground. Don’t shy away from stepping into a leadership type role and for sure let your ambition take the wheel!

TAURUS // King of Coins
Like the Emperor, the King of Coins emits power and security. This court is inviting you to walk in their shoes for September, take control of your finances and resources that are available to you. Enjoy your hardwork to the fullest and stay committed!

GEMINI // The Sun
The Sun comes along and brings a bright ass flashlight to your table and it helps you to see more clearly, especially when it comes to your achievements. Bask in this warm light this month and be optimistic, if you aren’t already. If you’ve been going through a rough patch, the Sun says it’s your turn for a little boost of happiness. Enjoy every minute of it!

CANCER // 5 of Coins
We can’t always get what we want but we can enjoy what we have… I know, I don’t like hearing that either. Use this month to use what you already have access to, whether it’s working with your current stash of decks instead of buying a new shiny one, getting creative with the tools that are just laying around, or just thinking outside of the box. Whatever you do, make it a challenge to see what you can create with limited resources!

LEO // 8 of Coins
Leo’s, it’s time to get to work! Put your energy and fun spin on things, whatever you do… make it Leo! Focus on getting plans off the ground and into action. If you can dream it, see if you can make it a reality and hold it in your hands. It may be a busy month for you but just keep focused on the task on hand. By the time the month is over, you might be pretty surprised with yourself with what you created!

VIRGO // The Moon
It’s your time, Virgo’s! The Moon makes an appearance for you this month, so listen up and tune into your senses. Pay close attention to what your gut instincts are telling you, trust it and take note. Your mind is trying to fill in the gaps, so don’t fall trap to your fears, they are just illusions. If things aren’t making a whole lot of sense, don’t worry. It’s not you!

LIBRA // 2 of Cups
Cheers! This month, soak in the energy of the 2 of Cups and connect with others around you - more specifically the partnerships, friendship and your relationship, if you are currently in one. You want to try your best to connect with others on a heart to heart level. It’s a month to agree to disagree, some fights are not worth losing friendships over so stay humble and just enjoy the company more than anything!

SCORPIO // King of Wands
Set intentions this month and see that you do your best to follow through with them. Take your leadership roles to the next level and allow your energy to radiate boldly! The King of Wands can get a little hot under the collar when in charge so be sure you are keeping yourself fair and spreading your energy out evenly. You don’t want to appear unhinged or no one will take your lead.

SAGITTARIUS // 9 of Cups
Rest easy my friend and know that all is well. You can lay back and enjoy where you are right now and how far you’ve come. The attitude to embody this month is gratitude, spread that shit like wildflower seeds and share this feeling of contentment with those around you. This is also a great time to send out your wishes and lay down a little manifestation work. Dream big and dream boldly!

CAPRICORN // Page of Cups
This month, step into the shoes of the Page of Cups. Let your imagination go wild and take intuitive leaps and bounds! Don’t stop yourself from being expressive, be yourself and enjoy every minute of it with no apology. This is all about stepping into that childlike, creative energy. Allowing yourself to daydream and get lost in your fantasies, only to see where it will take you and what it will inspire.

AQUARIUS // 8 of Swords
There are opportunities available to you right now but if you stay focused with a narrow vision, you will miss them. It’s time to break out of your comfort and see what happens, see what will be available to you. Our mind can play some dirty tricks, it can be so hard when you are stuck in a mental prison. I find myself in this card often when Imposter Syndrome kicks in and doubt grabs hold of me. You are more than your thoughts and you have a lot to share that is of great value.

PISCES // Queen of Cups
The Queen of Cups invites you to walk in their shoes this month and tap into your deepest well of intuition and listen to your dreams. If you’re feeling things deeply, trust these feelings! Listening to your inner voice is key this month, if you’re feeling the call or draw to learning something new, check it out and explore. This is especially important if this is connected to your senses and intuition, use your gifts and learn how to use them well.