The Magician // Dark Mansion Tarot Study

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I’m doing a card-by-card study of the Dark Mansion Tarot. Read the original post here!

When I discovered that the Dark Mansion Tarot didn’t come with a guidebook (not that it needed one) I took it as a chance to do a card-by-card study and revel in my own thoughts and interpretations of these cards. You can view the rest of the posts here.


••• The Magician •••

My Keywords:
inspection - focus - clever - manifestation
skill - concentration - action - intelligence

I love the concentration that this Magician is holding as they inspects their tools and gadgets. There is a person standing or sitting at a desk holding a magnifying glass while closely examining the wooden wand, one of their tools. On the desk in front of them lies the sword and coin, while I like to think that the “cup” is tucked into their suit pocket… close to their heart, how perfect! All around them is gadgets, inventions and alchemy. This whole scene gives me a more intimate snapshot of the Magician and how they work when no one is looking. With other Magician cards I get a strong “action” feel to them or a notion of raising energy, but not in this illustration. I quite like the more scientific feel I get from this Magician.

In more traditional decks, we tend to see the Magician standing behind their desk pointing up at the sky and down to the earth. Here we have the Magician happily doing what they do best, using their focus and skill to learn. I feel like this Magician is well organized and knows the ins and outs of every single device on their desk. They are truly a master of their craft and whatever they don’t already know, they are quick to figure it out!

In a reading

When this Magician comes up in a reading for me, it’s an instant nudge to slow down and take your time to focus on the task at hand. Be sure you know your stuff and can execute it well. You really don’t want to make any mistakes, it’s like that saying “measure twice, cut once”. There may be more information to glean before coming to any conclusions, so perhaps take another look or even possibly test it out if you can. The Magician requires a slow and steady hand, as well as a sharp mind!