DECK REVIEW: The Numinous Tarot

I know I always say this, but I think I've finally found the perfect deck for myself! The Numinous Tarot. This deck has really impressed me way more than I had expected it to! I ordered this deck out of the blue after watching several YouTube reviews and fell in love instantly!

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I remember watching this deck come to life when it was being created a few years back. It caught my eye then but I never took the plunge to order it, not sure why I waited so long but I'm glad I have it now. The deck was originally launched on Kickstarter back in July of 2017 but the deck didn't officially come out until early 2018, so it's still a very new deck and one that needs to be talked about more!

The Numinous Tarot was created, illustrated, and written by the talented Noel Arthur Heimpel. This deck is non-binary, queer, diverse and features different body types, race, abilities, and gender identities. In other words, it is simply amazing with a full spectrum! Noel put so much love and focus into creating these cards, I'm in awe of their talent.

Not only is this a brightly colored deck, it's filled with symbols, down to earth imagery, and magic. This deck has combined some of my favorite features that I look for in a deck: cardstock, vibrant colors, gender fluid, and diversity. The more I deepen my tarot practice the more it evolves, over the last year or so I started to remove gender from my readings. This has literally changed my perspective when it comes to reading tarot for not only myself,  but for others and the collective. This deck reflects these changes immensely!

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A few of my favorite cards

I recently shared a mini 8 card review on the Indie Deck Review, so I thought I would go into a little more detail here as to why some cards really resonate with me. I'm very drawn to the more shadow like cards, the ones that some would consider darker or more "negative". Despite being a very bright and happy looking deck, there are cards in this deck that really slap you in the face. While gentle, they still carry a big punch!

I absolutely love the Bells (Swords) suit. My two favorite cards from this suit are the 4 of Bells and the 9 of Bells. The 9 of Bells pulls me right in and I can totally relate to how this card feels. When things are rough and stress is high, the volume of it can be really loud and non-stop - a literal feeling of all these thoughts hanging over your head. The 4 of Bells carries a sweet message but is a great reminder to slow down and take care of your headspace by getting some rest. Yes, work is stacked up but you won't be able to function well if you keep overworking, it's time to clock out for a moment and slow your mind.

The Death card in this deck is amazing, you can see the eyes transforming on the face of the person. They are in the middle of a massive metamorphosis moment! Lastly, I treasure the crap out of the 10 of Candles (Wands)! From the colors all the way down to the weight being felt in this card really hits my core. I think many can relate to the feeling this card carries.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

I wasn't sure what to expect with the cardstock but it didn't let me down at all! I love the feeling of it, the cards do have some gloss to them but it's not overwhelming and I've had no issues with photographing them as you can see. I'm a lover of more thin and bendy cardstock, so this was perfect. Very bendy but durable! I would compare the cardstock to the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck set if you're familiar with that set.


These cards are bendy and shuffle like a dream! Like I mentioned above, these cards remind me a lot of the Cosmos Tarot & Oracle deck as far as cardstock goes and it's the same with shuffling. I loved shuffling that deck and love shuffling this just the same!

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In the package
This deck came in a large box, which I think was to make it easier to stock on bookstore shelves, which makes sense. The box also houses the guidebook, which is equally large. I ordered directly from Noel themself and it arrived with a postcard print of the 8 of Candles (8 of Wands), a sticker of the Creator of Vials (Queen of Cups), business card, and the deck/box/guidebook. The box is sturdy as well. Everything was very well made and put together.

The deck does come with an extra card in the Major Arcana, the Numinous. This card reminds me of "awe and wonder" when looking at nature or something that just really moves you. Something bigger than you. It resonates with my pantheist side big time and was a very quick connection for me!

If you are looking for a diverse deck, this is it! The Numinous Tarot contains different races, genders, queer, abilities, body sizes, and the list goes on. Noel really did a fantastic job with creating this deck to resonate with people of all spectrums. The 6 of Tomes (6 of Coins) is my absolute favorite card in this deck and it features a person with a body shape like mine, I adore this image!

I wanted to talk about the guidebook simply because it's awesome! I rarely dive into guidebooks unless they have the artists perspective. This entire book was written by Noel themself. It contains their own Fool's Journey story, new spreads, info about the cards that aren't repeated from other books, and is just a really great guide! I love reading Noel's perspectives on the cards after I roll around with my own idea's and thoughts of the cards.

I think it's pretty obvious, I love this deck! I would highly recommend this deck to anyone and everyone, it's perfect for new readers as well! In fact, if you are interested in tarot and just starting your journey then I would recommend 110% checking out this deck. I promise you that you'll love it!

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If you have this deck, how are you liking it?
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