DECK REVIEW: Dark Days Tarot

Hello, Dark Days! I've been a bit slow at reviewing a few decks that have been in my hands for a bit now, one being the Dark Days Tarot. I received this deck and one other in a trade a little while ago and it's been on my radar for a while now. It's funny how some decks don't really catch your attention until a certain period, this was one of those decks!

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I saw the Dark Days Tarot online many times, but for the longest time it just didn't grab my attention despite it being a gorgeous deck. One day out of the blue, I woke up one morning with this deck on my mind and couldn't stop thinking about it, I shit you not. I came across someone on Instagram a few days later who had several decks up for swap, including the Dark Days Tarot, and we made a trade. The day I held this deck in my hands, it was an instant connection.

The deck was created by Wren McMurdo and the book was written by Emily Mundy. This deck is square and can be read in four different directions - not just upright or reversed like standard decks! While I don't read with reversals, I really like the idea of multiple directions and some of the directions resonate very well for me!

The deck was originally released as a Kickstarter campaign back in late 2016 and the first decks started shipping out in early 2017. I am reviewing the 1st edition, the newest releases have gilded edges and a glossier finish to the cards.

The Dark Days Tarot is an all black & white deck. The Major Arcana cards all have a white background, while the Minor Arcana cards all have black backgrounds. I'm a big fan of black and white decks for some reason, sometimes the color just gets in the way for me.

I've been reading with the Dark Days Tarot for a little while now and also doing a light study of the imagery side by side with the Spolia Tarot and Carnival at the End of the World. The readings I've done with it have been so on point and intuitive... I absolutely adore this deck to pieces! The imagery really speaks to me and plays with my intuition.

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A few of my favorite cards

Can I just say all of them?! Ok, I tried to pull out a few of my absolute favorites, ones that really speak to me. Shockingly, the Emperor in this deck has been the only Emperor I have ever loved in any deck I have owned. That speaks volumes here, the Emperor and I do not see eye to eye, ever. I adore the depiction of this Emperor high up on top of their mountain, standing firmly on their land. I love it!

Another favorite card of mine is the 4 of Cups, I adore the depleted energy feel of this card. It just gives off a "I simply do not care" attitude, which is something I resonate well with when this card shows up to the party.

The High Priestess in this deck just gives me all the feels! Their hair looks to contain all the wisdom of generations before them and holds passed down hidden secrets from their ancestors.

Deck: Mystic Mondays

Deck details

Card stock
Love the card stock! It's a bit on the thin side and it's what I prefer best! Maybe I'm an odd duck but I just love thinner cards. It's not glossy like the recent release and I also really like that, it makes it easy to photograph and shuffle. Please note again, I'm reviewing the 1st edition so the newest editions may have a thicker card stock.


Being a square deck, I wasn't sure how it would shuffle but it shuffles really nicely and I love it! It's fun to riffle shuffle this deck and overhand shuffle, it's very smooth. I'm a happy camper with two thumbs up!


In the package
The packaging of this deck is awesome! It came to me second hand so I don't know if I am missing anything but it feels complete. The deck came with a gorgeous sturdy box that has an actual lid (not a flip top box like most decks), the book, and the cards. The box was designed to have room inside so that you can store crystals and things with your deck, yes please!

The book is great, it's not a typical little white book. It mentions the directions and how you can use this deck, keywords (for all directions) and a little blurb about the card. I like that the book is not filled with standard "cookie cutter" meanings, they're original and I love when books are written in this way. There are also some spreads in the back of the book as well.

This deck is diverse and features POC, which I love! In fact one of the most beautiful cards in this deck is the Empress and it's breath taking! My only criticism was that I could only find two cards that show body size diversity, the majority of the deck features thin bodies. I would have loved to see more diverse body sizes, I crave that in all decks.

I'm totally in love with this deck, it's become a staple in my collection. I have a few decks that never leave my hands no matter what and I can tell that this will be one of those decks. I love how the cards read and tell their own story. The cards are loaded with symbolism that has my detective brain quite happy. I highly recommend this deck!!

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If you have this deck, how are you liking it?
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