Card of the Week: Oct 15-21

Hello, Monday! After a week of no school for the kiddo, it was October break at her school, I’m so ready for a normal week where I can focus and get some much needed work and writing done. I always miss my routine! It was a nice relaxing week though and it was filled with some mail including three new decks and two new books!

I’m using one of the decks I received on Saturday for this weeks “Card of the Week” pull, it’s the OK Tarot by Adam J. Kurtz. It’s an all pink, minimalistic deck that is absolutely adorable! I was feeling inspired while writing this reading up that I included a little extra below, too.

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(Tarot Bag is from  Radical She    + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

(Tarot Bag is from Radical She + Crystal is a Pink Halite)

The Empress

First pull from this deck was for the card of the week and out popped the Empress, perfect, I say! The Empress is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and attraction. The Empress is asking us to really tap into our heart center this week when dealing with the creative process and handling situations. As always, this card also often reminds me of self care. More often than not, we forget to include ourselves in the care process. Am I right?

The Empress urges us to really nourish the projects that are on your plate, to really put more emphasis on them or simply set them free like a bird ready to leave the nest.

Tap into your creativity and allow intuition to guide you in the creative process. If you’ve been sitting on something and it’s ready to go out into the world, use this week to really set it out and give it a great start! The birth of a new idea is always an exciting time so be sure to make it special and don’t shy away from revealing how proud you are, celebrate it!


tap into the Empress energy this week:

  • Fuel your creativity by focusing on art, writing or any form of self expression

  • Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself that you are awesome and worthy of love

  • Take yourself out on a date and really enjoy your own company, treat yourself!

  • On your altar:

    • Incense: Rose or Patchouli

    • Stones: Turquoise, Peridot, or even Rose Quartz

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