Paint Obsessed

I’ve always been obsessed with color, you would have never guessed just by looking at me… I wear black tee’s, a gray cardigan and jeans year round - it’s pretty much my uniform at this point (I wish I were kidding). I used to spin and dye yarn several years back and I always loved working with color.

When I got into watercolor recently, like many, I was drawn to all the colors. I never knew there were so many damn colors! I’m so used to seeing basic cheap sets in stores filled with primary colors, never did I know there were actually handmade pigments, amazing palette’s and everything in between. I know it’s advised to not go overboard with color when you’re starting out… but I can’t help it!


The other day I received my first artist palette by Prima Marketing (watercolor confections in Tropical) and I fell in love. I finally received my Daniel Smith half-pans yesterday in the mail after being stuck in limbo in another city (the mail facility sent my package to the wrong city). I’m loving the colors I ordered and even more, I love the richness of this pigment.