Happy Little Tree's

Since starting watercolor, I’ve fell in love with painting little trees. I signed up for Skillshare yesterday and instantly started the tree class by Inksnthings on Instagram! I love it! I can’t stop looking at tree’s now and am already mentally planning to do a pocket tree sketchbook to paint in while outside of the house - a little “tree log”, if you will.


I did a few urban sketches yesterday at my daughters school and really wasn’t too thrilled with them but they both taught me something - I don’t like using a bold pen. For me, using a bolder pen invited me to use bold and heavy color. I personally prefer a more delicate style with more splashes of color rather than full bleed, it just didn’t feel right. I usually use a 02 Micron but my “bold” pen was a 08 size. So, since my 02 is dyeing a slow death (I’ve had it a long time) I’m going to order a box of just 02 Microns today so that I have plenty on hand!

With my pen order, I also plan to order another palette of Prima Marketing watercolor paints - I just got my first palette yesterday and love them! I like their pigment so much! It’s rich and saturated compared to my little Winsor & Newton set. I have some Daniel Smith half-pans arriving today finally, the main post office sent my package to the wrong city on Monday so they’ve been in limbo since. Can’t wait to test them out, I have some fun colors in that package!

Pen Case:  Radical She //  Tools:  Gelly Roll (white), Micron 02 and Pentel Aqua Brush //  Paints:  Prima Marketing (Tropical)

Pen Case: Radical She // Tools: Gelly Roll (white), Micron 02 and Pentel Aqua Brush // Paints: Prima Marketing (Tropical)

I have several Skillshare online classes to do lined up, I’m obsessed with that website! So many great teachers and creators. One I’m especially interested in is the urban sketching classes, there is even a door sketching class I want to do. We have a lot of historic downtown area’s with really neat buildings and most of them have unique doors. I was going to sketch our front door but it’s boring as hell, haha!

Tree Study and Practice

Tree Study and Practice