Hello, Monday!

Since it was too chilly outside (ahem, I don’t do cold - I live in the desert lol) I decided to sketch areas in and around the house. I started this morning with a quick 10-15 min sketch of the fridge area, I really love how the light creeps in first thing in the morning. Something about it just made me want to sketch it. I also wanted to test out holding all my art supplies while I sketched to see if it was comfortable for future “out in public” sketching. My fountain pen case worked like a charm and hung on the corner of my sketchbook the whole time (you can find these in my shop here when they are back in stock).

Kitchen Fridge  - at home

Kitchen Fridge - at home

I love how looking at this sketch, I can clearly see where I missed some shadows and such but I can tell right away where my main focus was - the plants and overall look of the fridge. This is exactly what I wanted to cover in this sketch. I wanted to grab this moment and I caught it.


Later in the day, I knew I was going to have some time to kill while I wait at my daughters school to pick her up in the afternoon, so I brought my supplies! When I got to the gate (they don’t open it for about 20-30 min) I realized that there was nothing of interest to me… but then this fencing caught my eye, it had a tree growing over it and a little blue rag wedged between the fence and brick wall. Found my spot to sketch, so I got to work as quickly as I could - I really wasn’t sure if the janitor would be on time to open the gate or early, so I budgeted 10-15 min for this sketch. I ended up finishing just as he started to walk to the gate, whew!

Naturally, when I parked in the school I ended up parking in front of these buildings with neat shadows, a bright green and yellow tree with a red painted curb… go figure. I know what I will be painting tomorrow!

School Fencing  - Mesa, Az

School Fencing - Mesa, Az

Doing this “in the car” sketch made me realize that my pens and paints travel really well! This pen case worked out and I brought a bottle of water in case I needed to refill my Pentel aqua brush. I’m going to try out a new pen tomorrow, a Zebra F-301. I checked to see if it was waterproof and it is indeed - no bleed at all and I really tried to move that ink hard! It’s one of my favorite pens so I’m excited to see how it looks against watercolor.