Lazy Weekend

MATERIALS:  Prima watercolors, Daniel Smith watercolors and Micron pen (02)

MATERIALS: Prima watercolors, Daniel Smith watercolors and Micron pen (02)

This weekend was slow and I was totally ok with it, don’t ask the kiddo though… she would tell you it was insanely boring. I haven’t done any urban sketches in a bit but I was inspired this morning so I grabbed my Micron pen and got to sketching. Seeing my daughter hiding behind my MacBook screen while on her headphones, something about it caught my eye.

I’ve been playing a lot with different watercolor techniques for urban and quick sketches. Lately my favorite has been more of a sloppy, spot coloring technique. I really don’t like when my colors touch all the black line work, just a personal preference really. I think it’s also a favorite of mine since I’m such a perfectionist with my work that seeing my quick, sloppy sketches is really inviting!


This morning I also really wanted to paint but had no idea what exactly to paint, so I mindfully painting little folk art leaves. I fell in love with this little piece! It was so much fun to paint and I will for sure be doing more little modern folk art things.

My sketch goals for the new week is to get at least 2-3 urban sketches done in a new location… that means I need to get out of my hermit cave and drive to somewhere to sketch, even if that means sketching from the car. I’m really in love with the challenge that urban sketching provides. I’m constantly pushing myself to sketch buildings and things that feel “too hard”. When I’m facing intimidation with a possible sketch study, I make sure that I do it because I’m intimidated. I won’t grow as an artist if I stay in my safe zone.