Art Mail + Projects


Art supplies mail, is the best kind of mail I’m finding! After destashing several decks last week, I splurged on some new art supplies that were on my Amazon wishlist.

First off, I needed a better journal that supported my fountain pen ink and didn’t bleed through or shadow on the reversed side of the page. I was recommended to try a Rhodia journal and after doing a quick pen test, I’m in love! There is no shadow or bleed through on the other page at all. I’m currently journaling with my TWSBI Eco (fine) filled with Lamy Vibrant Pink ink. This ink had great shading and would bleed through easily on most paper.

I also ordered my third Prima Watercolors palette - I’m obsessed, what can I say! I already have the Tropical and Decadent Pies palette, I was waiting for the Pastel Dreams to pop up on Amazon Prime and it finally did so I ordered it with no hesitation. I do mix colors but sometimes I’m lazy and prefer to go right to the pigment I’m looking for instead, it just depends. I also wanted to play around with masking fluid so I grabbed a bottle of Dr. PH Martin, can’t wait to play around with this!

Lastly, I really wanted a good beginner guide on urban sketching for inspiration and techniques to try so after sampling some pages in The Urban Sketchers: Techniques for seeing and drawing on location book by Marc Taro Holmes. I really liked how it was laid out and plan to crack this book open tonight. I’m still waiting for one package to arrive, that wasn’t Amazon, it’s several new Daniel Smith half-pans I ordered on Etsy. This is my second set of half-pans and I will be putting them (with my other 5) into an empty tin I bought a while back. I plan to create a stand alone Daniel Smith palette.


I started a few new Skillshare classes earlier this week, one of which is a watercolor texture class taught by Ana Victoria Calderón. Above are my texture samples I created, with some added cat paw prints, ahem… I’m only about 1/2 way into this class and am really enjoying it! I think for my final project I will do some kind of insect painting, still trying to decide.

The other class I’m taking right now is Peggy Dean’s new Modern Botanical Folk Art class! I’m so excited about this, I adore folk art and with some of my Scandinavian ancestry, it really has me excited to play with this style. I’m about 1/2 way into this class as well and currently in the middle of picking out my color palette to work with for my first piece. I’ve been pinning like a mad woman this week with color idea’s and inspiration!


I’ve been taking my mini sketchbook everywhere with me and have been trying to use it for urban sketching when I have a little bit of time available. Whether it’s in my house or outside running errands. So far I’ve managed to fill up 4 pages since yesterday in this tiny sketchbook.

I have a brand new Moleskine watercolor landscape sketchbook to start using and I plan to start that one when I finish this current one. I’m always so nervous about starting a new sketchbook, it’s that perfectionist mindset that I need to shake off and just start sketching! I plan to use watercolors in that one though and only use it for urban sketching.