Weekend Watercolor


This weekend was pretty slow, we had house painters here most of Saturday so we we’re stuck in the house. What did I do? Paint! I sketched and painted a few new doors, tried some new techniques and just played with my watercolors.

On Friday I decided to jump into a big project and ask around online for some feedback: creating a door oracle deck. I was amazed at the positive feedback I was receiving, from private messages to comments. I think this means that the Oracle of Doors is a go!

My goal right now are to just paint doors, I’m aiming for around 30 completed paintings by the Summer. I would like to get around 40-45 cards in general, but I think a small goal right now works best. I don’t plan on painting doors 24/7, I will work on them as I feel inspired to and work on other things in between. I think if anything, this project will help me get to know my paints and learn new techniques along the way. I absolutely love painting anything I can get my hands on right now and I’m finding doors both a fun and interesting subject. Who knew that a door could have this much personality!

PicMonkey Collage.jpg

As I paint a door, keywords jump out to me and tell its story. I am not looking for specific doors to paint or specific keywords to search for, but simply allowing each one to come to life on its own. The keywords for the door above (#3) are coven and family. Where my witches at? I originally planned to do a moon phase themed door but this door came forward instead.

The yellow door below (#51) was inspired from a hotel door in Mexico that I stumbled upon online. The light about the door looked like a little UFO and the painted yellow triangle on the wall reminded me of the beam coming from the “UFO”… so that inspired these keywords: conspiracy, secrets, and the unknown.

The teal door below (#6) reminds me to “think outside of the box” based on the giant round window that is part of the door but also functioning as a window on its own. The keywords for this door is: thinking outside of the box, pushing the boundaries, and creating your own rules.


You may have noticed that each door features a number or address, I will be using these for the guidebook! So to find the info about each card, you will just look the “address” up in numerological order… some cards will be single digits and some will be triple or more. Some of the numbers have special meaning that I will mention in the guidebook and some may be for you to discover. I really want this oracle deck to speak to you and give you a personal interpretation.

I will be talking more about this oracle deck little by little as I finish new cards and such, as well as post peeks on my Instagram page!