Pink Houses + Lavender Doors

Early this morning, before I took the kiddo to school, I got in some quick sketch practice of some images I found on Instagram and Pinterest. I have been pinning tons of doors and houses that I find interesting on Pinterest, great for when I’m at home and don’t want to go out to do some urban sketching. My goal lately has been to paint and sketch at least once a day and I really love that goal!

I tried out some of my new Daniel Smith watercolors using the Oper Pink, Moonglow, Wisteria and Lunar Black. I for sure need to place another order, loving these paints!


Yesterday I was able to order some new art supplies including another Prima palette (Decadent Pies), landscape Moleskine watercolor sketchbook and a box of Micron (size 02) pens. I’m anxious for them to all arrive! I forgot I have a new fountain pen coming as well, got it in a swap with a friend - TWSBI Eco.


I started a new online class over at Skillshare after lunch today, it’s called Urban Sketching: Let’s Draw Some Doors! and it’s really fun! This class is another reason I’ve been on a pinning spree of doors, haha! I actually learned a few things from this class, I thought it was going to be pretty basic but I was pleasantly surprised!

I’m not finished with the class yet, I need to narrow down my door pick for my main project in this class - so many doors to pick from! We are heading out this weekend to find some hot spots to sketch this weekend and I will plan to take some pictures of buildings and doors to sketch later when at home. I so can’t wait to get my new sketchbook, will be so much easier carrying with me when outside of the house.