Door Class Projects

Yesterday I did the Urban Sketching: Let’s Draw Some Doors! class on Skillshare and finished two doors for my project! They aren’t perfect, but I really love how they turned out! I used this gorgeous picture for reference on the first door, I really wanted to play with a mint color and this door screamed to be sketched.

The original had a horseshoe hanging over the door frame and I turned it into a crescent moon. I had a lot of fun with this door and the aged look. The only thing I would have changed is maybe use a different green for the cactus or maybe darkening the shadows behind the cactus more to separate the green and blue.

Knowing when to stop is my biggest struggle, I often will keep adding and tweaking a picture until I ruin it (I’ve done this a million time to sketches). So I told myself to just stop and wait before coming back to it. When I did, I liked what I saw and left it!


I sketched the second door this morning after getting up at 5am, all I could think about was sketching a new door to paint. Creating art first thing in the morning has been such huge medicine for my own mental health. I’ve been waking up happier, excited about the day and just loving life a lot more. I’m seeing things through new eyes and I like it a lot! I can tell that art was missing from my life and I’m glad to be doing it again after a 10+ year hiatus. Back to this door, I used this door photograph on Pinterest for inspiration. This door jumped right out to me, it was stunning with the ivy swallowing it up and the bright pinks showing through.

I really wanted the ivy to glow more than it did in the original picture, so I started with Daniel Smith’s Pthalo Yellow Green as my base for the green, then worked my way darker. The pink was a 1:1 ratio of Daniel Smith’s Wisteria and Opera Pink… I love the neon hue of the Opera Pink but I needed to mute it down a bit so the Wisteria was perfect.


I thought it would be fun to capture the progress of this door, so I took some quick pictures while I sketched and painted. The pictures aren’t the best due to indoor lighting on a dark morning (it was 5am when I started this one) but it’s nice to see the progress!

I started with a light pencil sketch, then inked it with my Micron 03 (which also kicked the bucket after this sketch, haha), then added my first base layer of watercolor to kind of map out the colors and sections, and finally did a second layer of watercolors followed up by some highlights using my white Gelly Roll pen when it was dry.