About the Artist

☉ Sun in Gemini | ☽ Moon in Scorpio | ↥ Rising Cancer

Hello, I’m Jess - artist, book nerd and self confessed coffee addict. I’m an artist living in Mesa, Arizona with my husband, daughter and our crazy Golden Retriever and cat. I’ve been creating art since a kid and have dabbled in several mediums over the years including acrylic, watercolor, ink and pen, but recently feel head first in love with digital illustration. When I’m not drawing, I’m either binge watching paranormal and history documentaries, shuffling a tarot deck or talking to my houseplants.

What I currently use
- iPad (6th generation 32 GB)
- Procreate
- Brushes: Retro Supply Co. and Bardot Brush
- Pens: Micron 01, 02 and Brush Tip
- Watercolor: Daniel Smith and Prima Marketing

You can currently find me active on Instagram:
I have a shop for all my digital prints over on Etsy: (coming soon)

I do take art commissions and am currently in love with creating mini portrait illustrations, you can contact me for more information at