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☉ Sun in Gemini | ☽ Moon in Scorpio | ↥ Rising Cancer

Hello, I’m Jess - artist, tarot reader, book nerd and self-confessed coffee addict. I reside in Mesa, Arizona with my husband and daughter, as well as two dogs and a cat. I have been reading tarot since 2013 and tend stick with the RWS and Thoth system. My deck taste leans towards lowbrow art and I just love unusual decks, but I do have a soft spot for traditional decks. To give you an idea of my style, some of my favorite artists and authors are Jeff Soto, Charlie Immer, Travis Lampe, and I adore Chuck Palahniuk’s writing.

I’ve been creating art since a kid and have dabbled in all types of art medium over the years including acrylic, watercolor, collage, and ink. Though I recently fell hard in love with digital illustration and creating comics! When I’m not drawing, I’m either binge watching paranormal shows and history documentaries, shuffling a tarot deck or talking to my houseplants.

I’m also writer, reviewer and graphic artist for the Indie Deck Review

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