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☉Sun in Gemini | ☽ Moon in Scorpio | ↥ Rising Cancer | INTJ

Hello, I'm Jess - I've been throwing cards since 2013 and have taken a very keen interest in what they have to say. When I discovered tarot, it was an instant connection and it opened up a whole new creative outlet for me to explore. A lot of my time and study goes towards growing as a reader and connecting with others – including the cards. I tend to read the cards more intuitively but love tradition, and always with a side of iced coffee!

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
— Chuck Palahniuk

When I'm not shuffling cards, I'm found in our yard talking to the plants, peeking at the moon, or reading through stacks of books - tarot, feminism, occultism, and the paranormal are my favorite subjects. I'm also an intersectional feminist and eclectic witch.

I use my blog as a way to connect with the cards, share my thoughts, and socialize with other likeminded folx.

I thrive in Arizona with my husband, daughter, our cat and Golden Retriever... and many plants and fruit trees.

⋗ I use She/Her pronouns for myself
⋗ I use They/Them pronouns in my collective readings

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