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☉Sun in Gemini | ☽ Moon in Scorpio | ↥ Rising Cancer | INTJ

Hello, I'm Jess - I've been throwing cards since 2013 and have taken a very keen interest in what they have to say. When I discovered tarot, it was an instant connection for me and it opened up a whole new creative outlet for me to explore. A lot of my time and study goes towards growing as a reader and connecting with others – including the cards. I tend to read the cards more intuitively than traditionally, but do like to incorporate all facets of the cards... always, with iced coffee at hands reach!

We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will
— Chuck Palahniuk

When I'm not shuffling cards, I'm found in our yard talking to the plants, gazing at the moon, or reading through stacks of books - tarot, feminism, occultism, and the paranormal are my favorite subjects. I'm also an intersectional feminist, eclectic witch, goddess centered, and a follower of Diana + Aradia.

I use my blog as a way to connect with the cards, share my thoughts, and socialize with other likeminded folx.

I thrive in Arizona with my husband, daughter, our cat and Golden Retriever... and many plants and fruit trees.

⋗ I use They/Them pronouns in my card readings
⋗ I use She/Her pronouns for myself

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